Music Book Review: Where Are All The Instruments?: West Africa

The Why Squad are a group of children who love their music classes, and finding out as much as they can about music. In this book written by Nathan Holder and illustrated by Charity Russell they learn about instruments from different countries in West Africa. Their exploration of these instruments takes them on an adventure.

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Facts about the Tuba

For my last post of the year about different musical instruments I am looking at the tuba. The tuba is the largest and lowest pitched of the brass family of orchestral instruments. You can read my previous posts all about the different instruments in the brass family here: Facts about the Trumpet Facts about the... Continue Reading →

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12 Nursery Rhymes To Sing With Your Baby

Want to sing something, anything, with your baby? Why not start with one of these 12 nursery rhymes?

Bluey Season 3 on Disney +

Bluey Season 3 starts on Disney+ on 10 August. It’s full of brilliant music, as well as being a generally great cartoon for children. Read more about why Bluey is the perfect cartoon for introducing your children to Classical music, and helping them develop a love of music.


What is a saxophone? Who invented it and why is it a surprise he made it to adulthood at all? How do you play saxophone? These and more questions are answered in this post.

Facts About the Bassoon

In this post I turn the spotlight onto the bassoon, one of the lowest pitched and largest members of the woodwind family of instruments. What do you know about this unique and fabulous instrument? A lot more than before, if you read this post!

A History of Music for Children

This #MusicBookReview looks at a brilliant book for children about the history of music. Full of engaging and informative facts about all sorts of music throughout the ages, the authors have written a great, fun book that any music loving child will really enjoy.

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