Hello. I’m Jhodi. I am a musician and mum of 2 young children who is passionate about giving all children the opportunity to benefit from musical experience, both as a participant and listener.

Music is absolutely pervasive in our lives. You probably could not imagine a life without music. Films would be very different without a great soundtrack, being kept on hold on the telephone would be even more excruciating without it, journeys in the car could be far less fun without it. Music is everywhere.

Music, both in terms of playing any instrument and in terms of listening to any music, has enormous benefits for children. Music can help with children’s development, their brain development as music exercises both the left and right side of the brain; it can help develop their motor function both gross motor and fine motor skills. For very young children, music can help teach them about cause and effect (I shake this object and it makes a noise).

Music can have a profound effect on well being, on helping children to express themselves and their emotions (it can help us all do that). Music can help us memorise information (I bet you could sing the ABC song, or the rainbow song now without any prompting even if you haven’t sung them in years).

Above all, music is fun!

Homemade Instruments

While it is fantastic experience for children to learn to play a musical instrument, music can be made with instruments made from items you already have at home, or that can be bought inexpensively. In this site you will find several suggestions of homemade instruments, and instructions on how they can be made.


What should you play for your child to listen to? Are you looking for suggestions for music on a particular topic. I put together playlists for you, which you can listen to here or on GetKidsIntoMusic’s spotify.

Spotlight on

A series of posts about different instruments that you may be thinking of buying. What are they and how do you play them?

Musical Events

What concerts, musical events or concerts are available for children to go to and participate in? I review a number on this site.

Music Book Reviews

I review books that are written on musical topics, or with music at their heart.

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