Music Book Review: Once Upon a Tune Stories from the Orchestra

Ever wonder what inspired some of the most famous pieces of music? Well in this wonderful book, Once Upon A Tune: Stories From The Orchestra by James Mayhew, the stories behind many brilliant pieces of music, including The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Flight of the Bumblebee and The William Tell Overture, are told.

About practice

Why is practice so important for learning a musical instrument? What benefits are there to practising? How can I, as a parent, support my child learning to play a musical instrument? What if I can’t play myself, can I still help with musical instrument practice?

Spotlight on Handbells

For this month’s spotlight on a musical instrument, I am looking at handbells - tuned percussion instruments that your children will just love to play, if only because they can be played VERY loud!

Music Book Review: Where Are All The Instruments

The Jumo orchestra have arrived at the concert hall to play their concert, only to find that their musical instruments have all gone missing. Lucky for the orchestra, the Why Squad are on hand to help them find their instruments. As the Why Squad find each instrument they tell the reader a little bit about that instrument of the orchestra in this lovely book by Nate Holder.

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